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Client Feedback

 My daughter Megan & I came to see you before our trip to Hawaii for a wedding. I want you to know how happy we are with our tans! My cousin is getting married this month & her sister and maid of honor will be in to see you. Thank you for such beautiful tans! Lanta

Just finished my photo shoot. My tan looks fabulous! You're a blessing. Thank you for your services! Trista

Airbrush tanning by Mandy was just a great experience. I had gotten a little bit of sun prior to going on vacation to Las Vegas and really needed to even out my "farmers tan". The tan looked natural and lasted my entire trip. Highly recommended!!! Thanks Mandy.

( Review posted on Merchants Review )

It was such a pleasure to meet you today, Mandy. The reason I thought of a story right off the bat was, first, you have an exceptional personality. Also, the somewhat intimate nature of your business creates a really interesting dynamic that you have to handle, and you do it spectacularly well.

Thanks for the great job – I already feel like a beach bunny! Jan

Hi Mandy, It's Tiffany... I was in yesterday for my first tan by you, and I just had to call and tell you

that I ABSOLUTELY love IT! I feel like I look sunkissed and it's perfect. I'm not orange

and it looks awesome... I actually feel pretty! So, I just had to tell you that I'm really really

pleased with it and I'm so excited to come back again. Thank you!-Thank you! and I will see you soon!

I am calling to tell you that "Daisy Tan" is going crazy! I'm at a salon and everybody absolutely loves the tan.

I have to tell you that your solution is THE BEST tanning solution that anybody has ever seen... It's absolutely

amazing!! I have 100% of my customers come back to me, absolutely all of them. It just makes them feel so good. This

tan is amazing and everybody loves the way it makes them feel.

Rachelle Weir, Daisy Tan 

Thank You so much for the tan today!

I already know i love it!

You did an AWESOME job!

and i am definitely coming back!

Thanks again :) Prom Customer via website

I was your 12:30 appointment today. I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism during the tanning session. I have never done this before and was not sure how it would go being sprayed almost nude by a stranger, but you put me at ease and made it as comfortable as it can be. Thank you for that. I will definitely recommend you. I'll be in touch for my future appointments :-) Sandy

Thank you thank you thank you for your amazing tans! Paulie

Thank you sooooo much for this beautiful tan! : ) You are the best! Alyson

Thank you so much for a perfect bridal tan! I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to tan me for my special day.You're an awesome person who does amazing work :) Stephanie

Mandy~ Thank you for yet another perfect tan! With all this August rain it is the pick me up I need to keep me looking sassy and bronzed! You always know exactly the shade to tan me so that it looks natural and sexy- each week!!

I love it!!! Dawnell

Hey Mandy!

Just wanted to thank you for my lovely tan again! Your unbeatable tans are one reason that Bellingham weather inconsistencies never seem to make me feel "blue". Mel

Love my tan! Thank you so much, it turned out perfect! You are amazing! Meagan

You are Fantastic! Thank you Soooo Much!!! Sara

Thank you for my custom Halloween tan! It looks fabulous & I wouldn't be able to wear my costume without it! My hands, feet & everything else are blended & smooth, just perfect as always!! Natalie