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Meet Mandy

My name is Mandy. I started my tanning business at the end of 2004. I started because my little boy was almost 2 and I had not tanned for 3 years! I tanned regularly until I became pregnant. After he was born I didn't have time to go to the tanning beds, so I started researching Airbrush Tanning. I noticed that most of the ones I found looked a little orange. I HATED THAT.

I found JMT Sunless & loved their product! When JMT Sunless became available for purchase I bought the company & am now embracing the new challenge of growing that business along with my airbrush tanning business!

I also customize colors to people. I talk with each tanner about the color they want to achieve and we look at before and after pictures. We will decide on the color and after your first tan we will know if we need to go lighter or darker. Some people choose to do a lighter tan in the winter months and bump it up in the summer. It's fun and you feel so good after tanning. Most people say they feel 10 pounds thinner after tanning... I know I do :-)

When I started I thought this would be a good way for me to get a tan, and also be able to tan my friends and family. After people started seeing me, my friends and my family I started getting calls like crazy. I decided to branch out with this little business and see what would happen. With a lot of hard work & determination I've built my business up & am now able to help others start their business venture. I've had a blast and I have met so many great people. We have fun and everybody feels good. I can be with my son because each tan only takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Tanners are usually in and out with a tan in 10 to 15 minutes. Unless we get visiting, which is easy to do since everyone is so great.

Thanks for checking out my site and I hope to meet you all.