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Airbrush Tanning Equipment

Made in the USA

** (4) Year Warranty

** Dryer attachment

**Instruction Manual

** Shipping Included in the United States

"The Newest Technology for the Spray Tan Professional”

Best Airbrush Tanning Equipment on the market!


Features & Benefits:

• LVCLP System provides a more concentrated application of tanning solution with less overspray, reduces the amount of solution used, decreases the time for application saving money for the user

• Elegant Black/Brass design professionally appealing to client in salon or other setting

• Compact size makes it easy to fit in any salon or to take mobile-8”wide x 8” long x 6 ½” high

• Lightweight, easy to carry - 7 ¼ pounds

• Quiet Sound allows for conversation with client during tanning session

• Ergonomic Design allows user to easily snap on/off hose, gun and accessories

• Comfort Grip feels soft on hand and allows user to better grip gun

• Dryer first of its kind, dries client faster and allows user more time to spray tan other clients

• European On/Off allows spray tan professional to turn on/off system and adjust variable speed setting all in one motion

• Variable Speed Setting allows professional to adjust speed to compensate for changes in solution viscosity, temperature, humidity or spraying preference

• Soft, Flexible, Lightweight 10’ hose provides user mobility and professional look

• Two Additional Cups provided to keep solution ready for next spray tan

• Spray Gun Wall Mount professionally designed to hang spray gun when not in use or when assisting client

• Simple, Easy to Work on Design allows virtually anyone to clean or repair system & gun

• Complete Replacement Parts easily available for LVCLP system & gun

• 4 Year Warranty with registration of LVCLP system

• Made in America, superior quality and service

• Flexibility to Private Label, or the elegant look of the LVCLP system allows you to sell it as it is

• 120 or 220 Volt availability for the United States, European Countries, Russia, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and other countries 

• Dependability- system supported by leading manufacturer of spray systems for over 25 years

LVCLP Tanning System ships for FREE anywhere in the United States.

You will also receive a solution package including16 oz Treasure Bay Solution, 16 oz Ocho Rios Solution, 16 oz Montego Bay Solution  

LVCLP Tanning System with 16 oz Solution Package.............................$699.00