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Welcome to Bronzed Hide and Beauty

formerly known as Airbrush Tanning by Mandy


Thank you for checking out my airbrush tanning website. I have been airbrush tanning since November of 2004.

The experience I have gained has given me the ability to create a custom airbrush tan that is unique, natural and beautiful. I can create a custom airbrush color for each & every client. You can achieve a deep dark tan, a beautiful brown or a golden glow.

I will work with each client individually to make sure your tan is exactly the shade you are looking for.

 I use JMT Sunless airbrush tanning solution which is the best airbrush tanning solution on the market today. JMT Sunless spray tan solutions are made using Eco Certified DHA. They are gluten free & vegan.

You can also visit us & become a fan on Facebook! Just click this link to take you to our Facebook site.

Airbrush Tanning by Mandy on Facebook

Mandy wins the 2010 Best of the Northwest Best Tanning! 

 My airbrush tanning solution is JMT Sunless, it is currently used in all over the United States & in two other countries! 

Thousands of beautiful tans since 2004 in Whatcom County just by itself!! 

If you live in Whatcom County, there is a good chance you have seen someone with my airbrush tan & didn't even realize it was an airbrush tan. I work with local bridal shops, hair salons, facial/skin care professionals, travel agents & dermatologists.

I have clients from as far away as Seattle, who will drive to my salon because of the great quality and color of tan that I can give them. I have a custom tanning solution that I have worked with a professional to come up with the best color that can be made.

Many local models come in for their shows/sittings, brides for their weddings, high school girls for their special dances & lots of people who are going on vacation & want to start off with a tan. I also have many clients who just fall in love with the tan & want to have color all year around. The great thing is my product will not harm your skin & you do not have to risk your skins beauty or your health to look like you have a fabulous tan.

My tan has no blotchiness, no orange coloring & no harmful ingredients!!! Please check out the before/after photos on this site. These girls are my friends & clients who were kind enough to share their before/after photos for everyone to see. These photos have not been retouched or altered, so they do not look professional, but I want my potential customers to see a real person, with a real result, so they know what to expect!

One spray tan takes only minutes to apply. My tan works well with all skin types, even fair skinned people & people who do not normally tan in the sun or a tanning bed. One session will achieve your desired color. I will use my ability to customize my color to suit your tanning color needs.

Airbrush tanning does not protect your skin from the sun. I recommend you use sunscreen if you are out in the sun to protect your skin & allow your natural tanning process to occur.

Model: Rainy Kiel

Photography: Heidi Ann photography

Tan: Bronzed hide and beauty

Product: Jamaica Me Tan

Fitness Model Elsa

Tan: Airbrush Tanning by Mandy

Product: JMT Sunless